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Government - Finance/ Budget

Each year, the Moon Township Board of Supervisors is charged with the responsibility of enacting a balanced budget. The budget summarizes the revenues and expenditures the Township Administration expects to encounter during the course of a fiscal year. While the administration and the Finance Department strive to ensure that the Township does not go over budget, there can be unforeseen circumstances that arise during the course of the year.

Government - Audit Reports

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Budget Process

Beginning in October, staff members begin meeting with the Board of Supervisors to outline and prepare the next year’s budget. The budget is broken up by revenue, expenditures and fund reserve, which make up the total available monies for the year.

The Township’s main revenues come from real estate taxes, local enabling taxes, licenses and permits, fines, interest and rent, state shared revenue and departmental fees.

Budget expenditures are broken up by department and include all expenses, including insurance, workers compensation and purchases.

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