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BI-Crescent Transmission Lines


In recent weeks, Duquesne Light communicated their plans to file an amended application for the BI-Crescent project. They have formally refiled the BI-Crescent project with the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC), which contains the plans to upgrade the existing 138-kilovolt (kV) transmission lines running from Brunot Island to Crescent Township.

Construction for structure and line replacement is currently scheduled to begin in late 2021 and end in 2027. To ensure the continued reliability of the existing line, Duquesne Light may continue to inspect and replace overhead hardware and plans to continue maintenance activities before construction begins on the full replacement of the line. The BI-Crescent transmission line has been providing safe, reliable energy for over 100 years and they are taking pro-active steps to make sure it continues for at least another 100 years or more.

If you are searching for information on the project, please visit the project webpage listed below, where general project information including an informational video, a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), and a link to the PUC’s website.

Duquesne Light values your feedback and welcomes your constructive input to improve their project and service to the constituents. If you have any questions or concerns and want to learn more about the BI-Crescent project, please visit the project webpage:

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